In order to maintain quality, Corroserv® provides training course for applicators to apply our composite wrapping product (Corro-Wrap® Wet Lay-Up and Corro-Wrap® MCLP range of products). The training course is comprised of theory and practical classes in the span of 2 days. The training programme can be customized according to the clients’ needs. All the repair calculations involved throughout the training course is done as per latest ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 standards.

The training course would include the following:-

  • Surface preparation requirements
  • Pre-repair preparation
  • Composite wrapping procedure
  • Curing schedule
  • Post curing
  • Inspection

Upon completion, the applicators will be granted with Certificate of Qualification, recognizing them as certified Corro-Wrap® Wet Lay-Up and Corro-Wrap® MCLP applicators. This certificate is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of training course completion.

Revalidation Process

Upon the completion of the training course, the applicators will be given Corro-Wrap® Logbook. This logbook system is an initiative from Corroserv® to maintain and ensure the quality and competency of the trained applicators. Applicators are required to record every application done by including the point number, TP number and other necessary repair identifications.

This Corro-Wrap® Logbook shall be assessed and validated by Corroserv® every 2 years for certificate revalidation purposes. A minimum of 10 successful wraps every year is required to qualify for certificate revalidation.

Should the minimum requirement is not met, the applicators need to attend a refresher training for certificate renewal.

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