First of all, you need to know key technical parameters for your application such as length of defect, type of defect, operating temperature, operating pressure, type of medium, type of application (online/offline). Our products cover a wide variety of applications. If you are unsure, feel free to send us any inquiries.
Surface preparation is needed to ensure the removal of loose surface contamination such as grease, loose rust and dirt which will significantly affect the quality of coating. Rule of thumb is that the cleaner the surface, the better. At Corroserv, we provide surface preparation from SSPC SP-1 to SSPC SP-14.
Temperature plays an important role in the process. The curing period of our products depends on the application temperature. For instance, during the period of our products is reduced to half for every 10°C increase in temperature. Likewise, the curing period doubles for every 10°C drop in temperature.
Pot life is essentially the amount of time for the mixture of epoxy base and curing agent will remain in the liquid state at a specific temperature. In other words, it is the time from mixing of the two parts (Part A and Part B) together to the moment where the mixture is no longer useable.
Corroserv has cataloged case histories for over 23 years. You can find these documents in our Case Histories tab where we include a wide variety of applications throughout our 23 years in this industry.
Yes, we also provide services for offshore and subsea repairs. We have our own product range that is specifically engineered for this purpose. To apply this range of products, our technicians and engineers are trained and certified. For further information, please have a look at our offshore and subsea case histories.

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