Other Services


Corroserv® offers a complete range of services that includes application on hot, dry, wet and cold surfaces. Our excellent products are readily available on the market. Other than that, we also provide a comprehensive integrated service with installation on-site from surface preparation process until inspection process.

Corroserv® provides qualified and competent engineers and technicians to execute and supervise all repair operations on-site. You may rest assured that our experienced engineers and technicians are professional that a high-quality repair is guaranteed.

Our specialised technical team based in Malaysia is readily available to be deployed on-site to perform the repair.


Corroserv® also offers offshore services with products that are applicable in the presence of water or moisture which allows it to be applied underwater or at splash zones. These products are readily available on the market and if needed, our trained and certified engineers and technicians are ready to work offshore to perform the repair.


Corroserv® provides training for Installer qualification of composite wrapping for all piping geometries such as straights, tees and bends using Corro-Wrap® Wet Lay-Up and Corro-Wrap® MCLP (Moisture Cure-Low Pressure) that complies with Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping (Non-Metallic) based on ASME PCC-2-2018 and ISO 24817:2017.

Technical Support

Corroserv® also provides support in designing repair system by utilising our own Cloud ISO24817 & ASME PCC-2 calculator. This cloud calculator can be accessed by our clients in order for them to design their own repair system depending on their needs (design life, type of repair, pressure, temperature, medium etc.)