Crystal Lok® Waterproofing Concrete Treatment

  • Crystal-Lok® is tested and proved effective alkaline activator, corrosion control for concrete
    structures of Portland cement concrete structures, including block and mortar waterproofing.

  • Crystal-Lok® Penetrates and Waterproofs structural Portland Cement Concrete to Zero
    Permeability with a Single Application.

  • Crystal-Lok® Waterproof-hydrophobic-blocking is equally effective applied on either side of
    concrete – onto the wet side (positive pressure side) or the dry side (negative pressure side) of
    structures, where pressure is applied to the treated or to the non-treated side.

  • Stops permeability of liquids including ground water and its contaminates through concrete
    structures; slabs, walls, tanks, pipe or boxes of any size.

  • Keeps contaminating liquids or solids from penetrating the concrete. Keeps contaminated soils
    and ground waters from penetrating into concrete structures.

  • Keeps absorbed contaminants inside treated surfaces for storage or demolition.

  • Apply to waterproof, dampproof; for chemical defense; stop expansion cracking from internal
    re-bar corrosion, stop storm driven rain and salt water; seal against freeze-thaw spalling; stop
    algae, mildew and other discoloration from flood.

  • Apply on concrete pipe, floors, basements, tunnels, pipe, slabs on ground, walls, roof tiles, dock and bridge decks, fish ponds, electrical vaults, breakwaters, retaining walls, structural concrete blocks, mortar, stucco, gunnite, sculpture, cast concrete decorations, dairy floors, smelters, machine shops, vats, storage tanks, sewage and water treatment facilities, ore and chemical storage pads and containments, wineries, & other structures.

  • Crystal Lok® is water based and non-hazardous.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) <0.01 mg/L