Corro-Wrap Wl (Wet Lay-Up)

Rehabilitation and Strengthening System Based on Basalt Fibre, E-Glass, S-Glass and Carbon Fibre

Corro-Wrap Wet Lay-Up is composite system where the fibres using E-Glass, Carbon Fibre or Basalt Fibre are saturated with Corro-Dur resin and applied onto the substrate. Though it is a little tedious but economical compared to prepregs such as Corro-Wrap MC. Allows to choose various resin to suit the requirement of the repair such as high temperatures, high humid environment or when higher strength required.

The majority of the Corro-Dur range being moisture and surface tolerant enables application on location where the presence of moisture becomes a hindrance in carrying out effective leak sealing or rehabilitation to use the product.

The Matrix

The Matrix, which is also known as the Resin is the agent that holds the fibre in place and allows the transfer of the load or pressure through the fibre reinforcement. We have diversified range of resins to suit the requirement.

Corro-Dur 192 L formulation has excellent tolerance to the dampness left in concrete steel after preparation for coating by high pressure water jetting. The formulation is solvent-free to avoid the objectionable odour and explosion hazards of epoxy solvents. Absence of solvents also assures compliance with all present and proposed air pollution regulations. Corro-Dur 192L is non-blushing and can be applied and will cure underwater.

Similar to the Corro-Dur 192L, however, it is a Novolac system that has high chemical resistance against various chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda and etc.

It is a high temperature resistance system upto 125°C (continuously) and 149°C (intermittently). Corro-Chem 330 HHA also can be applied Online without a Shutdown.

It is highly chemical resistant especially against aggressive chemicals like methanol.

The Fibre

The Fibre, provides the reinforcement like a rebar or gravel to concrete. The fibre strength
differs based on the fibre orientation and we use the Uni-Directional and Biaxial weave.

Basalt Fibre
Carbon Fibre

Application fields:


Technique Introduced - Vacuum Bagging Techniques:

Used to compact the Corro-Wrap Wet Lay-Up application in order to remove air bubbles entrapped within the micro space of the composite laminate and also ensures appropriate resin to fibre ratio, providing top most physical properties thus reduces failure possibilities of the composite application.