Corro-Chem 330 HHA


Features and Highlights:


  • Novolac System
  • Flexibilized
  • Solvent Free System
  • 100% Volume Solids
  • Moisture Tolerant System
  • Non-Hazardous Material
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Physical Resistance
  • Hydrocarbon Resistance



  • Tank coating
  • Underwater application
  • Chemical Tank Coating
  • Anti-corrosive Coating
  • Maintenance Coating
  • Secondary Containment Protection
  • Wastewater Protection
  • Riser repair
  • Splashzone coating
  • Rebuilding of wall loss


This is primarily an environment friendly, easy to use hybridized solvent free Novolac based epoxy system specifically developed for ONLINE APPLICATION ONTO HOT SURFACES up to a maximum of 125°C for maintenance requirements without a shut down for a variety of substrates namely ferrous and non ferrous metals, composites or concrete. The system when applied on hot surfaces does not thin or sag and reaches full cure between 1 hour for 60°C surfaces to a minimum of 6 minutes at 125°C.


The maximum temperature resistance is at 125°C continuously and will resist temperatures of 149°C intermittently.  The system has very high chemical resistance and physical properties and is recommended for use as a protective coating for: -


  • Risers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Flow-lines
  • Flare-booms
  • Hot piping
  • CUI piping (Corrosion Under Insulation)
  • Christmas trees


And other areas where the presence of heat becomes a hindrance in applying a protective coating system.





Non-regulated by United States - Departmenrt of Transport (USDOT),

International Air Transport Association (IATA) or

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Test Report:


Petronas Global Technical Solutions / SIRIM (dated 2013 / 2014)


Several plates were simulated to a rusted condition by SIRIM and the surface prepared to SSPC SP3 (St 3) and SSPC SP7 (Sa 1) standards by a Petronas appointed applicator. The prepared panels were then heated to maintain a temperature of 110°C (maximum) and applied at the said online temperature. Upon application, the coated panels were stored in the oven for continuous of 7 days at a temperature of 110°C. The test carried and the results are as detailed below:-

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