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A) Online maintenance coating / lining systems for

  • Application underwater
  • Application in the presence of moisture or without humidity control
  • Application onto cold surfaces up to temperatures of 2°C with maximum
       temperature resistance of minus 100°C for cryogenic applications
  • Application online for surfaces operating up to 125°C and specific grades up
       to 260°C without a shut down
  • Linings to protect against acidic or alkaline environment
  • Application onto surfaces prepared to ST 3 standards

Corro-Dur, Corro-Chem

         and Gas-Pruf

The TFT’s (Thin Film Technology Incorporated of Houston U.S.A) Corro-Dur, Corro-Chem and Gas-Pruf range of tropicalized third generation, epoxies provide premium protection in cold, wet, hot and brutal environments. Their adhesion and wear characteristics have proven in severe operational conditions to have few equals above water, however below water they stand alone as the product of choice. The whole range of products has been developed for use in an online maintenance situation where an ideal surface required by conventional industrial coatings is not obtainable. Their moisture / humidity resistance and their ability to apply online onto cold or hot surfaces make them the product of choice for a multiple range of environments.


TFT utilizes the best quality, most reactive curing agents available thus having a more linear curing cycle than conventional epoxy systems which results in less heat build-up during curing and more complete curing of the components, the cured epoxies are stronger, less brittle more durable and more chemically resistant thus providing long term protection.


The carefully formulated Base and Curing Agent has a more complete cross-linking during the curing process which allow superior adhesion, low permeability and ability to withstand long-term, constant submersion without blistering or peeling.


Safety consideration: TFT coatings are solvent-free with 0% VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). This means you get a product, which is:


  • Odour free – is safe for use in confined space
  • Has nil shrinkage during curing
  • Has 100% epoxy – no fillers
  • Can be safely handled by untrained labour
  • Does not require an induction period
  • Has no amine blushing
  • No dangerous exothermic temperatures during curing
  • MDA free
  • Very High Chemical resistance with resistance to highly oxidizing acids like Sulphuric acid 98% conc. and Hydrochloric acid 37% conc.



We are the Sole Asian Representative and Technical Managers for

Thin Film Technology of Houston, Texas, USA, and we are pleased to introduce our


Online Maintenance System without a Shutdown


System & Uses

Corro-Wrap WL (Wet Lay-Up)

A hand lay-up Basalt Fibre / E-Glass / S-Glass in conjunction with Corro-Fix 911 / 561 as proprietary load transfer coating agents and saturating resins such as Corro-Dur 192L for operating temperatures of up to 58°C, Corro-Chem 330 for operating temperatures up to 125°C and Corro-Heat 206 up to 260°C. Unlike conventional fibreglass repair systems BAS-RAP (Basalt Fibre) offer substantially reduced thickness solutions with higher strengths. In addition BAS-RAP offers outstanding insulation properties, vibration / high thermal resistance.

Corro-Wrap MC (Moisture Cured)

Unidirectional fibreglass tape impregnated with water activated urethane resin used in conjunction with Corro-Fix 911 / Corro-Dur 561 as proprietary load transfer coating agents up to a maximum temperature of 100°C and cure of about 45 minutes on exposure to moisture.


Features & Uses

Wet surfaces:

TFT Corro-Dur epoxies are quite unique in their ability to displace moisture and adhere to wet, immersed or splash zone surfaces, thus being currently used by a no of international companies for their maintenance of equipment, structures, tools etc above water without any humidity control and as a high performance underwater coating for splash zones and immersed areas.

Sweating Pipes:

Sweating occurs when the medium transported inside the pipe is much colder than surrounding humid air. In tropical countries the surrounding air is naturally hot thus when warm, humid air reaches cold pipes, drops of moisture form and drip as if there was a tiny hole in the pipe. Depending on the medium transported surfaces temperature of these pipes can be as low as 5°C and will not be ideal for maintenance coating online. Our Corro-Dur 257 Cold Cure (resistant up to 2°C), Tower Gard 568 (resistant up to 10°C) and Corro-Chime 390 (resistant up to -60°C) systems is specifically developed for this purpose and can be applied online at temperatures of 2°C even in the presence of moisture.

CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation):

To solve problems related to corrosion under insulation, TFT has introduced Corro-Chem 330 HHA a solvent-less epoxy system for application on to pipes/structures or vessels operating up to a maximum of 125°C, Monoseal 380 up to 210°C and Corro-Heat 206 up to 260°C. These systems can be applied online without a shutdown thus avoiding the need for a shutdown for maintenance or coating application.

Floor Lining:

TFT’s Corro-Dur and Corro-Chem range of products are extensively used by chemical process plants, power station and etc to resist a range of strong oxidising chemicals and their ability to be applied without any humidity controls or in the presence of moisture makes them invaluable in providing a solid defect free strongly adherent lining system with the prevailing fluctuating high humidity in Malaysia and South East Asia.


Leak Sealing & Rehabilitation

B) Composites with Basalt, E-glass or Carbon fibre

  • Reinforcement & rehabilitation of wall loss on pipelines, vessels and structures
        underwater or above water
  • Corrosion protection on contact points to avoid dissimilar corrosion
  • Leak sealing  online up to pressures of  20 bar and up to a maximum of 50
        bar with a shut down


TFT is well known for epoxy / composite wet lay-up pipe wrap composite systems for leak sealing, rehabilitation of pipes, vessels and structures and is widely used by major oil companies for rehabilitation / leak sealing of corroded vessels, piping and structures as per ISO 24817 or ASME PCC-2.


  • External corrosion

Which may or may not cause leaking, and structural integrity, needs to be restored. In this case it is probable that with suitable surface preparation the application of a composite repair will arrest further deterioration.


  • External damage

Such as dents, gouges, fretting (at supports) where structural integrity needs to be restored.


  • Internal corrosion erosion

Which may or may not be leaking, and there is a need to restore structural integrity. In this case it is probable that corrosion / erosion will continue and the assessment must take this into account.


  • Structural strengthening

To account for an increase in pressure rating or other loads in local areas.


Services that are considered are:

  • Utility fluids: diesel, seawater, air;
  • Chemicals
  • Produced fluids: including gas and gas condensate.

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